European-Style Jewels

Raspberry Miroirs and Citrus Delices

Last week I took part in an intensive cake workshop.  Chef Barry Marcus, formerly of The Institute of Culinary Education in New York, led a very informative and fun class in the creation of  European-style cakes, and I came away with these gorgeous jewels.

The little treasures are Raspberry Miroirs and Citrus Delices.  Both have layers of almond sponge cake and Framboise Syrup.  The miroirs are raspberry puree, raspberry Bavarian mousse, and raspberry glaze.  Miroir means mirror in French as you might guess from the shiny glazed surface.  The delice consist of lemon lime mousse, raspberry filling, and a meringue crown.

My classmate, who happened to be a pathologist by day, became my accomplice in raspberry crime, as we secreted fresh red raspberries under the mousse filling when no one was looking. These miroirs were the best.  Ah, but those citrus delice wonders tasted like the most intense lemon meringue pie filling with a sophisticated flair.  Perhaps they are my favorite.  Such a dilemma.

Chef Barry Marcus is an alumnus of Payard Patisserie, Tribeca Grill and Le Cirque.  He studied the art of pulled sugar in the U.S. at the International School of Confectionery Arts and in Switzerland at the Fabilo International School of Sugar Art.  He is an engaging instructor, and I came away with a much deeper knowledge of technique. I loved creating these regal desserts.

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