Big World

Blue climbing flowers in Costa Rica

It’s a big world out there, and this page is going wherever the cerebral breezes blow.


The weather…..geez! the ground is cracking.

Well, even though the ground really is cracking, some of my garden is still holding on.  Come on rain!


Okra Leaf









Well now.  Thought I would share a little email I received about a week ago.  What a world!  Perhaps I should cut up a can of Spam into little pieces and fold that into my next batch of scones, or maybe SPAM muffins 🙂

Hello ,
I will like to place some items in you store and i will like to know if
you ship to Slovenia and accept credit card as method of payment Waiting for
your reply regarding this request .
Kerry Saloon

too funny



Today the breezes are blowing toward my friend, Katie.  She is soon returning from a traveling adventure of the last two years.  Anyway, here is a little tidbit of the email I received from her this morning.

“I’ve decided to spend my last 3 days in the Gili
Islands, just off the coast of Lombok, relaxing and getting in a few
more dives before heading back.  The diving here is truly spectacular,
with some of the most colorful coral/sponges and fish life I have ever
seen.  One day on Nusa Lembongan we dived with 5 manta
rays!  (really big sting rays, about 4-6 meters in diameter).  Very

Letters like that really put me in the travel’n mood.


below is from June 2

Patio birthday cake celebration earlier in the day

Something happened yesterday, something just so down-deep fun, happy, it touched my soul.  My lovely daughter’s birthday.  Surprised her at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Whitaker Music Festival.  We went to hear, Gumbohead, a toe-tappin band with a Cajun beat, and friends surprised her there, to enjoy the music, to dance, to see the gardens, to eat chocolate cupcakes, etc.  With the stealth help of a few friends, we pulled off the birthday surprise celebration!  Thank you, you special people and thank you, girlfriends.  G has been so blessed to have you all in her life over these years.

I had emailed Gumbohead  requesting a special song in honor of her birthday.  They were so gracious,  and, Make a Better World, was apropos as it fits with my young daughter’s philosophy about living.  There was cheering, clapping, wild dancing, line dancing, laughter all around.  It felt as if we were embraced by the thousands of attendees nestled in that beautiful garden, and it felt that they had come out just to celebrate my daughter.

Thank you so much, Tim, and all the rest of the Gumboheads.  You rocked our world, literally and figuratively.  In all my life, I don’t think I will be able to make my daughter any happier than she was last night, in the moment, in the music, there in that beautiful evening garden, surrounded by her special friends and people who love her.    So a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this such a special evening for my most beautiful, inside and out, 16 year old daughter.  You truly helped make a better world last night for us. My daughter’s memory will be of: dancing, laughter, hugs, cupcakes, walking barefoot in the beautiful night garden with her lovely friends, listening to the singing of spring frogs and salsa dancing to a Cajun beat in the dark.  Perfection.

If you want to be happy go hear this band.If you don’t end up dancing, then I know, at least, your toes will be tapping, and if that isn’t the case…well, then you may just be in need of a defibrillator!

oh…did I forget to mention the chocolate cupcake bribe?  🙂

from their website:

GUMBOHEAD is a St. Louis-based collective of rhythmic rapscallions and tuneful tricknologists who find great joy playing music born in and influenced by New Orleans and southwest Louisiana – zydeco, funk, blues, jazz, r&b and more.


oh…did I forget to mention the chocolate cupcake bribe?  🙂


Hi Susan:

Very nice to hear, thank you. And thanks again for the cupcakes — they were AWESOME!
Hope you’ll come out and see us again sometime.
Cheers to you and G,


“It ain’t nothin’ but a party…”



below is from May 19, 2011


I am just not going to be able, to not, say a few words about flowers and gardening.  The freshest organically grown blossoms are truly inspirational adorning a simple layer cake. Please make sure they are of the edible variety, like rose or nasturtium, because some beauties are poisonous, isn’t that just like life.

Many poisonous plants have blossoms that are nonpoisonous, but why take a chance, and the actual flowers of  lily of the valley, azaleas, and laurel are all highly poisonous. leaves of the cherry tree can be fatal.  See what I mean?  Stick with beauties that are reliably safe and beautiful.  They are out there.

Naturally grown roses and nasturtiums = good choices

When I am not baking or traveling, I can usually be found in my garden.  Sometimes it is wild and funky, sometimes it is controlled chaos, but it is always interesting, and it is always evolving.  The garden brings so much joy.  Oh, and if you happen to have a home-picked bouquet in an old pitcher on your table when you are enjoying your English Breakfast tea with Tamarango strawberry scones….well, then, you just know what life is about.

Right now my garden is looking so lush, and the peonies, Wow!  So fragrant they almost break your heart…… photos to come.

photo of ocean and G…Dominican Republic Susan
photo of blue flowers in Puerto viejo, Costa Rica… Susan
cake photo by G

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