Woohoo Birthday Girl!!

Check out the birthday post on Big World.


photo at top of page….just another Parisian shop window with food posing as jewels…by susan

patio birthday cake and photo….by susan

2 Responses to Woohoo Birthday Girl!!

  1. Stella.shh@att.net says:

    Love the butterflies on the cake, also the flowers. I meant to get the white iris dug for you, but as you know this last week has not been a good one for me. So glad G had a good birthday with such a wonderful Mom. S

  2. Susan says:

    Don’t you worry about the white iris. I will love, love them whenever they are available, but I am not worried about them, I am thinking of you dear girl. Please let me know when you need any help, seriously. Thanks for the birthday and cake compliments. Was a truly special time, oh, and those butterflies just appeared, as if, by magic. They must have been migrating from the Sparkle Mountains, just like the migration of the monarch butterflies. S

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