What a wonderful beginning-of-the-season welcome!

Thank you for all the hugs and greetings so full of smiles.  I heard on NPR this week that farmers’ markets are becoming so popular that they have become the biggest growth factor in the U.S. economic climate and another piece referring to local markets as players in something called economic gardening, where communities are embracing smaller ventures and businesses.  All this a testament to the seemingly recent popularity of all things local.  Important things like: knowing the person who produces your food, knowing what is in your food, and just eating really fresh, goodness.  The part of the interview that made me smile:  farmers’ markets have a ten fold increase in conversation and personal interaction over usual shopping venues.  Maybe you are new to the market, or maybe you have been coming to The Land of Goshen Community Market since its inception, and if that is the case, well, you are to be congratulated on your foresight.  Funny, your grandparents were pretty wise, too.  Here’s to all the wise people who know what to cherish, be it cherries or arugula or my golden oat muffins.  Where else can you food shop, buy some funky earrings, enjoy the sun (or, okay, maybe the rain), visit with all us friendly vendors, and be blessed to see a wisp of a little girl, still a baby really, in her hooded pink rain coat slowly walking among the market umbrellas holding her daddy’s hand searching for treats?   Her name means star.

Thank you.  Every one of  you.

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The Tamarango compass rose logo….hand created by my daughter, a fantastic baker in her own right, who baked independently for the market for several years, starting at the age of twelve.  She was exceptional then, and now even more so.  Truly lovely and wise.

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